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Tec Italy Hair Color

Tec Italy Hair Color

  • Tec Italy's Designer Color line is "true to color". The results achieved applying Designer Color will always be vibrant. Our color contains Silk proteins, designed to give a deep shine, and smooth texture. The result is not only long lasting color, but complete a coverage with none of the harmful effects associated with most color processes.
Tec Italy Professional

Tec Italy Professional

  • TEC ITALY focuses on your hair's health. That iis why that we have a professional line of products that improve not only the hair structure, and scalp, but also provides components that provides nourishing, moisturizing and reconstructive ways to make a wonderful hair.


  • LISCIO 430 º F is the first thermally activated permanent hair straighter that can be used on bleached, colored, damaged, or because of its advanced amino acid based formula that replicates your hairs natural proteins. With the use of heat as the activator LISCIO rebuilds damaged hair with components derived from essential amino acids found in hair, these plant proteins are infused with heat at a temperature of 430 º F (221 º C), bonding with your hairs natural amino acids to prevent damage to your hair structure.
Lumina Forza Colore/ Color Care

Lumina Forza Colore/ Color Care

  • Powerful Color conditioning treatment that revitalizes, strengthens, and extends the color vibrancy of hair longer. Lumina Forza is ideal for damaged and dry hair. The botanical ingredients contained in Lumina Forza Colore penetrate the cuticle to deliver nutrients, condition, and deposit protein complexes and additional pigment into the hair, adding shine, smoothness, and hydration. The product leaves hair looking healthy and vibrant. The active ingredient of Lumina Forza Colore is Mono Tahiti Oil, made from the maceration of coconut oil and the fragrant flower Thiare, infusing it with fine conditioners and natural oils the synthesis of which is superior conditioned hair. Five colors available: Violet to neutralize the yellow in bleach blonde hair, mahogany, chocolate, red, and black.
Tec Italy Final Touch

Tec Italy Final Touch

  • Foremost in our thoughts is the health of your customer's hair. Tec Italy's Professional Line is specially crafted using ingredients that strengthen hair's natural structure and protect the scalp
Tec Italy Style

Tec Italy Style

  • Style is about the synthesis of art and modern trends as reflected in an individual image. Our Style line enables stylists to bring their customers visions to reality. Our style line is our newest technology designed to protect your hair's natural luster, and enhance each hair strands smooth texture.


  • Obliphica (Sallow Thorn) – is a plant that grows in the Himalayas and in Siberia. For the first time anywhere in the world, an effective, proven formula has been developed by an Israeli company named Hairkop, for immediate regeneration and restoration of damaged hair. The oil produced by the obliphica plant is used to produce cosmetics and medicines for skin and hair. For thousands of years, humans who live where the obliphica fruit grows have taken advantage of it for a wide variety of uses: for nutrition, to prevent disease, and as a dietary supplement. Obliphica has been used as a natural medicinal product for a broad range of health needs. The oil is used effectively for many and varied objectives. Rich in natural Vitamin E, Obliphica oil is one of the most effective natural anti-oxidants known. Its natural Vitamin C and moisturizing oils makes it "refined oil" that brings phenomenal results – delaying the process of aging, it protects hair and skin and prevents wrinkling. These characteristics make it the most effective treatment for all hair and skin types. Its anti-oxidant qualities help it to reduce the damage to hair and skin caused by exposure to sunlight and air pollution. Obliphica is most effective in restoring damaged hair immediately
Cinderella Hair

Cinderella Hair

    If you've always lusted after long hair, want to create a certain look or just need some extra volume, then Cinderella can help.
  • Cinderella uses only the softest and silkiest hair
  • You can choose from straight, body wave, fantasy colours, curly permed or Afro texture
  • All the hair is cuticle correct (cuticles face the same way) which avoids tangling
  • Quality controlled - each bundle has a Remy Grade Approved Certificate
  • Cinderella's pre-bonded hair extensions have a protein-moulded bond (PMB) and will not harm the hair
  • There are 51 different colours to ensure a perfect colour match
  • The extensions are easy to apply and just as easy to remove
  • Cinderella has its own dedicated product range, specially formulated for hair extensions.
  • All Cinderella's 100% Human Hair Extensions are certified "Conscience Clear Cinderella Hair. Sourced with Integrity." All our hair comes from reputable sources.
  • We trust all our suppliers to uphold our strong ethical code.
Gel Della Cera

Gel Della Cera

    Here are some reasons why we at SO.CAP.USA Hair Extensions believe we are the best in hair extensions:
  • The most natural hair extension system available today
  • Only 100% human hair is used, so the look will be full-bodied
  • healthy, and richly textured
  • Hair extensions are easy to apply (with proper training)
  • The extensions are also easy to remove with no damage to the client's hair
  • Each extension comes with advanced Keratin-protein bonding technology
  • Largest selection of colors from which to choose
  • Superior training and equipment available
  • Best supply of human hair
  • Continuous, updated product support


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