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Organic Peel


What makes the peel unique is we don't put an acid on the skin. Most people use an acid. Traditional chemical peels use varying strengths and types of acid to treat damaged skin and age spots. Laser Skin Resurfacing such as Fraxel can also treat age spots but can be abrasive on the skin. Since the Green Peel is all natural, the ingredients are relatively easier on the skin while delivering chemical peel-like results. The active ingredients in this organic face peel include several different herbs, one of which is horsetail. This herb contains natural silica, which when rubbed onto the skin, polishes the outside of the skin, penetrates the pores to stimulate collagen and increases blood flow. Similar to a chemical peel with acid, the organic Green Peel will turn the skin red as layers of skin are being exfoliated. More intensive than normal exfoliation, the Green Peel is ideal for patients of all skin color and type. A complete treatment is 5 exfoliation sessions. Results are probably not as dramatic as a true chemical peel or laser skin resurfacing, but the Green Peel is a good alternative for anyone interested in all natural and organic skin care.

Regular Peel (This treatment varies by skin type)


If you're interested in restoring damaged layers of facial skin on a limited budget, a chemical peel is a great solution. Similar results can be achieved with other procedures such as microdermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing, but for many patients, a chemical peel will achieve the same results. A chemical peel is exactly what it sounds like: chemical solutions are applied to the damaged skin in order to cause the layers to peel away and reveal younger, healthier layers beneath. Once the dead layer is completely gone, the new skin heals and provides a healthy and glowing appearance. Wrinkles and sun damage are reduced and skin is much softer

Dermaroller Skin Treatment

Oxygen Facial

Dermarollers work on so many common skin issues because they effectively tackle the root cause of the problem- a lack of collagen in the skin. Young and healthy skin is invariably free of any blemishes, wrinkles or marks. Because the Dermaroller works to increase collagen levels it effectively helps your body creates new, young and perfect looking skin without damage and without unnecessary and expensive treatments.



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