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We feel that it is extrememly important to stay educated in the beauty industry, and we are using the most advanced techniques. We have personal trained in most of the proffesional product care available in the market to satisfy your beauty needs.

Women's HairCut

Women's Short HairCut

    • Women hair Cut* $35-up
    • Bang Trim $7

      * Only short hair includes Blow Dryer

Men's Haircut $25

Men's Haircut

Despite most people's assumption, your hairstyle should be a direct reflection of your lifestyle — not the number of candles on your birthday cake. So, if you picked your own clothes this morning. Find the one that most resembles what you wear to work and you'll find your appropriate haircut, along with tips on maintenance, styling, and how much you can expect to pay.

Girls HairCut under 12

Girls HairCut under 12

At Veronicas Salon and Spa Salon for Kids we know that great kids want great hair! Let our stylists reat your child to a super salon experience. Specially trained stylists know just how to make any child from ages 1 months for that 1st haircut,-12 years old feel special and give them the look they want.

Price: $20.00-up

Boy's HairCut $25

Boy's HairCut

The craft of creating the best possible haircut for kids is no simple matter. That's because the truth is that kids are not just smaller adults. The good news is that the outstanding stylists of Veronicas Salon and Spa Kids have been specially trained for working with small children. We understand the approaches that calm nervous little ones who aren't used to letting new people cut their hair. We also understand how to approach the concerns of older children and tweens, who might be more concerned about how their hair will turnout and schoolmates' opinions of their appearance.






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